Enterprise Project

A huge project with specific requirements for loads, security and various integrations. While working on such projects, we use special approaches and practices.

MVP for a Startup

Development of the first version of a startup (MVP) based on the requirements, budget and time frame of the customer, while making it sufficient to test the business idea and present to investors.

Project Maintenance

Full maintenance of existing projects, including consultancy on project transfer, project analysis and further development planning.


Development of online stores and marketplaces from the idea to its implementation based on our unique developments and research.

Mobile App

Design and development of mobile applications. Normally, we develop mobile apps as a supplement to the main project of our clients.

Our Services

UI/UX Design

UX interaction
Web interfaces
Mobile interfaces
Dynamic prototype
Usability testing
A/B testing

Web Design

Website design
Application design
Banner design

QA Testing

Manual testing
Selenium testing
Load testing
Security testing


We provide consulting services in the development of modern web and mobile solutions.

Business Models

Technology Consulting

This business model is based on consultancy when a client reaches out to us for setting up the development process, selecting technology, conducting audits and other assistance.

Time & Materials

The most popular business model for mid-sized projects. It's based on Agile flexible methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban. All development tasks are divided into 1 or 2 week long sprints with regular sessions to set tasks and review them at the end of each sprint.

Project Based

The business model in which we thoroughly estimate a project and precisely note all the requirements, including risks. It's used only for enterprise projects with planned budgets.

Partner Based

This is a model in which we act as a contractor as well as get a share in the startup. It's not very common and usually used after several years of cooperation with the client.

Staff Augmentation / Dedicated Team

In accordance with this business model, we build a team for the client e.g., we allocate the team in our office, provide them with a workplace, etc. But, the team is managed by the client directly. That's simply an analog of a remote office.

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