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We provide consulting services in the development of modern web and mobile solutions.


Our company has extensive experience in the PSD to HTML/CSS conversion of the most complex interfaces. In the modern world there is a great variety of devices on which the site can be viewed (mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, etc.). The company’s specialists pay great attention to adaptive layouts, which is often created using such popular frameworks as Bootstrap and Foundation.

Why is adaptive layout important?

Trends. Technologies are rapidly developing. More and more people use various mobile gadgets to access the Internet, so the main advantage of adaptive layouts is its orientation to mobile technologies, and not just to desktop computers.

Cross-browser compatibility. It means displaying a site with identical visibility in various popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and others. To ensure that the resource is correctly displayed in each browser, the features of each browser should be taken into account.

Cross-platform software. This means that the application can run under different operating systems. It’s possible to work with the site, regardless of which device is used and what operating system is installed.

Versatility. Thanks to adaptive layout, the site looks equally attractive both on the computer and on all mobile devices. It should be noted that there is also one common html-code for all site versions.

Single URL. It’s very advantageous for the social traffic, as according to statistics, the monthly number of mobile users is only increasing. Single URL for desktop and mobile versions makes it easy to find and index information.

SEO. The website with the same address is better optimized for search engines. This is an important factor for both marketing and business development in general. Also, Google recommends the use of adaptive design to increase rankings in search results.

One content for all devices. It allows to easily edit and update the content, adapting to all devices simultaneously.

To sum up:

1. The website with adaptive design will gain more loyalty and trust.

2. You won’t have to think about the mobile version of the site and face all sorts of problems that are associated with it.

3. The number of failures on the site will decrease, and behavioral factors will increase.

4. The site will be significantly increased in search engine ranking.

5. On April 21, 2015, Google launched a new mobile-friendly algorithm. It means that the site must be adapted for mobile devices, otherwise, it will occupy low positions in search results.

Contact us and we will create a perfect layout, literally Pixel Perfect 😉

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