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We provide consulting services in the development of modern web and mobile solutions.

Development of websites and applications with Yii

Our team specializes in the development and support of large portals, social networks and individual applications using the popular PHP framework Yii, which, according to the results of the PHPMark tests, showed the best performance.

We have formed a first-class staff of specialists who can solve almost any project task using Yii.

About Yii:

1. Simplicity. This is a fairly simple framework, it has a low entry threshold.

2. Power. Despite the low threshold, this framework has great features.

3. Gii. This is a web-based tool for code generation, its use greatly speeds up development.

4. Extensibility. There is a lot of ready-made widgets that extend the capabilities of the framework.

5. Uniqueness. Yii is a strictly object-oriented framework. At the same time, it’s quite flexible.

6. High-speed performance. Yii is considered one of the fastest PHP frameworks.

7. Testing. Yii provides capabilities for modular and functional testing. The second version has a built-in debugger that allows to fully monitor all requests and responses on the local server, thereby facilitating the search for bugs.

8. Easy access to the database. Using DAO allows to access the database through the API, which makes it possible to change the DBMS without any problems.

9. Documentation. Low entry thresholds and excellent documentation make the learning process for developers very fast.

Yii is a handy tool for developing small and medium-sized applications, using which you can quickly make a project. It is simple and powerful, which accelerates the process of development.

You can view the examples of PHP (Yii Framework) projects and the company’s portfolio on the page with our works. Sample code may also be provided upon customer request.

Need a consultation? Contact us and we are ready to help!

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