Our Expertise


One of the main specializations of our company is the development of solutions for trading companies. We develop online stores and catalogs, marketplaces, internal supply management systems, warehouse management systems and much more. We also build different integrations for the existing systems to connect online storefronts with the existing software within the company and achieve an omnichannel synergy. In general, our retail customers are large companies with complex internal systems, millions of products and high loads.

Case Studies

Lighting Technologies

We developed all internal sales management systems for one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of lighting solutions in the world.


Rexpax is a P2P marketplace for the sale and exchange of household items with very extensive functionality. is one of the largest discount goods marketplaces in RuNet.

Online Services

We work with different start-ups and understand well how various online services are developed. Our company specializes in deep analytics and UI/UX design, web design, programming and testing. Our goal is to become a full-fledged technical partner for start-ups and product companies. For that reason, we are very sensitive to the quality of the products we build. Our specialists are highly qualified.

Case Studies

Mail.Ru Group

This is the largest Internet company in RuNet, which owns several dozens of services. We have developed one of these services.


Bixter is a Danish job search platform that connects developed and developing countries, helping companies and employees around the world find each other.

This is one of the largest Push Notification services in the world. It's used by marketing specialists of various companies on all continents.


Banks and credit organizations are our principal clients, for whom we develop internal systems that are responsible for the work of various departments and increase the efficiency of their interaction. We also develop external websites for financial organizations. We do not have ready-made payment solutions, so we create interfaces on the basis of their existing IT systems, using different APIs of these systems.

Case Studies


This is one of the largest credit organizations in Eastern Europe, a micro lending company, which has hundreds of off-line credit points and an online storefront.


This is one of the largest top 10 banks in Ukraine, which has offices in several countries.


This payment system is built specifically for making instant payments for various services. There is one pay point for all household services.

Case Studies in Other Industries


Thomas Cook Group

It was the first travel company in the world and is one of the world's leading leisure travel groups nowadays.



An educational service and social network where you can find a mentor or become one yourself.



An American IP telephony service with the possibility to buy virtual numbers and make calls.


Restaurants "Mafia"

Internal system for managing orders and resources of the company, integrated with an external site.


Mazda Russia

This is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

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