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We provide consulting services in the development of modern web and mobile solutions.

AngularJS development services

We have a considerable experience in developing and supporting the front-end parts of projects based on Angular framework. Angular is one of the main technologies of our company and we have a large full-time team of specialists.

More and more diverse frameworks and libraries based on JavaScript appear. Angular, React and Vue have the leading positions among client-side technologies.

Angular is often called MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework. Among its main benefits for startups and companies we can highlight the following:

  • fast code writing;
  • quick testing of any part of the application
  • two-way data binding (changes in the back end are immediately reflected in the user interface).

Since its release, the ecosystem of this framework has gone beyond imagination. Now it is called the most used framework for developing SPA (Single-Page-Applications) and boasts the largest developer community.

Angular has many important features that allows developing web and mobile applications. The framework is built on Microsoft’s TypeScript to make JavaScript more flexible and attractive for large enterprises. Angular functions have a component-based architecture and improved DI (Dependency Injection).

Angular uses Dependency Injection in almost all cases. It is flexible and can easily change framework’s behavior. You can cut into a certain work processes, for example, construct routes at the start of the product. You can completely replace some parts of the product on your own. In addition, Angular’s DI is so flexible that it allows to implement many well-known patterns, such as Singleton, Factory, Facade, etc. DI is widely used, from the interaction of components to the creation of services for displaying modal windows or user notifications. And, of course, all back-end development is built through services and DI. An efficient logging service, inter-component communication and much more Angular is the best option for enterprise applications or programming environments with high code standards.

Angular was developed by Google and is used by Wix,,, Forbes and many other companies.

Benefits of application development with AngularJS:

Web component support

In contrast to the closed modularization system of AngularJS, Angular web components are based on a new standard. Angular makes it possible to use any Web Component directly, without the layout code.

Use of TypeScript

The biggest commercial advantage of TypeScript is its tools, such as modern autocomplete, navigation and refactoring. Such tools become almost indispensable when working with large projects.

Excellent performance

Angular2 does not conduct a deep comparative analysis of objects. If any element is added to the data array, the path change will not be detected. This also applies to the properties of the object, as long as they are not directly related to View.

Angular CLI

Angular’s CLI makes it easy to create an application that runs by default. This corresponds to the best current trends.

Angular is one of the main frameworks we use. In our portfolio you can find many projects which we developed using Angular.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to assist you!

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