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We provide consulting services in the development of modern web and mobile solutions.

Development with Node.js

Basically, Node.js is used to develop complex start-ups or internal corporate systems. We have a great team of high-level specialists who work with the JS / Node.js platform. This is one of our main specializations for back-end development, so we have quite a lot of experience working with this technology.

Here are the main advantages of the platform:

1. Modern technology. Of all the platforms and programming languages, Node.js is one of the newest, but a large amount of new technologies has already been built on its basis. Recently native JS has developed a lot of interesting features and quickly got to the world top. Node.js is the only popular back-end technology and developers all over the world are now actively switching to it.

2. The speed of development. Since this technology is quite new, it includes many modern and useful concepts. For example, Node.js allows doing lightweight REST / JSON interfaces, which significantly speeds up development.

3. Performance. This platform is a real find for a fast modern web, as it allows to do many operations on the browser, reuse code and process thousands of requests. In general, the server response is very fast.

4. Active community. There are already a lot of Node.js fans in the world and the community is very active. Modern solutions, which are devoid of the shortcomings of the previous versions, are constantly developing.

5. Large projects. Huge projects have already been developed or rewritten using JS and Node.js, for example, LinkedIn, Walmart, PayPal and others.

6. Developments. The platform itself has great opportunities out of the box, as well as a huge number of ready-made solutions, the number of which is growing rapidly.

7. Integration with Vue, Angular, React. All these JS frameworks integrate well with each other and one developer can work with the front end and back end, which also saves time for development.

Although this is a young technology, many new projects, especially start-ups, have already been developed using it. Choosing JS is generally a right decision, and we are ready to help you with it.

You may always consult us when you want to rewrite an old project or develop a new one.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to assist you!

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