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We provide consulting services in the development of modern web and mobile solutions.

Development of websites and applications with PHP / Symfony

SECL Group experts have significant experience in creating and maintaining large sites and services using PHP and Symfony framework.

The main priority of the company is sophisticated web services with high standards of security and load.

More about the features and benefits of Symfony:

1. Speed and efficiency. There is an extensive list of different frameworks. But in terms of the speed of development, the latest version of Symfony is superior to the alternatives. This framework has proven itself to be the optimal ratio of speed of development and quality of result.

2. Safety. The basis of this framework provides security algorithms, although much depends directly on the developer.

3. ORM. It allows you to ignore data storage with the possibility to select any database for the design and deployment of the project.

4. Recognition and popularity. Symfony is one of the most popular PHP-based frameworks. It has gained widespread acceptance among many market giants, including Yahoo!, Delicious, phpBB, Drupal, W3C and other recognized projects.

5. Speed and load. The caching layer (code, configuration, http, DB) allows Symfony to be stable and efficient under high loads.

6. Developer community and documentation. Symfony has gained considerable popularity. Extensive and professional documentation has been formed. The work of the developer community has been established, which makes the support of existing projects much more accessible, more reliable and not accompanied by problems at work.

Our specialists have significant web development experience. They have appreciated the benefits and capabilities of Symfony over the years. We were able to evaluate the features of all common PHP frameworks, additionally making sure of the advantages of Symfony. We are not limited to programming only with PHP, but we’ve managed to gain a leading position in the domestic market in this field. The staff of the company employs responsible specialists from Juniors to Seniors, forming a team for each project, attracting experienced employees who have been tested by time and work.

You can review the examples of projects built with Symphony and the company’s portfolio on the page with our works. Code samples may also be provided upon request.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to consult you!

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