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We provide consulting services in the development of modern web and mobile solutions.

Creating sites and applications with Python / Django

Our company is one of the few in the domestic market that has its own full-time team of developers who specialize in Python programming language and Django web framework. We have great experience in developing web-based applications, portals and social networks using this language.

We mainly specialize in complex web development, including services and internal corporate systems with high load and security requirements.

Advantages of Python:

1. Speed and quality of development. Python as a modern language allows rapid development compared to many others, including PHP and Java, which makes development more economical. It has an intuitive syntax, a good library of classes, allowing to focus directly on the main task rather than writing a large number of various abstractions. A large number of important abstractions, stable and tested, are already present in the database of language libraries. It shortens the development time and makes a really high-quality product.

2. Support for a product created with Python is no longer a problem. This is achieved by high purity and concise code base, which provides the language syntax.

3. Language stability and large community. Python has stable versions of the language and the code itself. In addition, it has a large community of followers and many diverse developments.

4. Speed and load. The speed of code written in Python is determined not only by the quality of code but also by the tasks that this code solves. Python works remarkably well in single-threaded applications (much faster than other popular interpreted languages: PHP, Ruby, etc.), but naturally, it isn’t faster than the compiled C language. However, Cython was specially created to solve this problem. For complex computations requiring high speed and load resistance, we can use Python + NumPy or migrate the code to the C-module and thus achieve the required speed. As for multi-threaded applications, we simply use the multiprocessing module. It allows making multi-threaded applications faster than other implementations in other scripting languages. It’s really easier and faster to create high-loaded projects using Python.

5. Popularity. Python and Django are relatively young, but such giants as Google, Yandex, Pinterest, Reddit, Dropbox, Washington Times, Disqus, and many others.

6. Documentation. Python / Django has excellent documentation, which reduces the cost of training for developers, the process of developing and supporting projects.

We have been working in the web development market for a long time and have come to Python / Django in an evolutionary way. Having tried almost all popular programming languages, our team has evolved towards Python as one of our main languages. Our developers like using this language and we get pleasure from work, which, of course, has a positive effect on our clients’ projects. Only by working with pleasure, you can get a truly amazing result.

This language is mainly used in countries with a developed IT sector, and in eastern Europe it is only gaining popularity. Only the most innovative companies work with this language in our market.

Upon your request, we will provide a portfolio with our works done in Python / Django. We can show sample code and talk in more detail about our capabilities during a personal meeting.

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