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About SECL Group Canada

SECL Group Canada is the Canadian representative organization of the international SECL Group Corporation, which was founded on November 22, 2005. Our company specializes in web development, web design and Internet marketing. Our main fields are e-commerce and social services. Today, more than half of our portfolio is made up of online stores and marketplaces; the other half contains services and portals. Our customers include start-ups, and commercial and state companies, including major international structures. Our distinctive feature – appreciated by many of our customers – is that we’re 'brainy developers'! We don’t just write codes or create images; we also find the best solutions for your tasks! It is our unique approach and specialization that attract 90% of our customers.

Today, we’ve earned the trust of customers from 22 countries. Our entire team is fluent in English. Our company operates according to the outsourcing business model (commissioned projects), and offers outstaffing services (team solutions). Over the years, our company has successfully worked with many industries, including: Internet services, information technologies, wholesale and retail trade, major consumer goods, marketing and advertising, telecommunications, finance, real estate, construction, logistics, automotive industry, publishing, medicine, jurisprudence, sports, education, etc.

We pay particular attention to research and we develop our own technology, which is often reported by major international media ( We believe that in today's competitive world a company can be successful only by gaining more and more expertise and gathering the best specialists under one roof. It’s not enough to understand the domain; utilization and accumulation of best practices must be of particular interest for a company – pools of unique knowledge and approaches that guarantee results.

We’ve also developed special quality standards for our offices that work in specific fields. Today, our standards include more than 500 rules and best practices; they are unique for each department. Some standards, in particular in programming, have been automated and our special systems don’t allow for errors. We’ve been collecting and implementing these standards for several years, but even today, we continue updating them and adding new ones every month. This system has allowed us to achieve excellent quality in all new projects, so today, quality doesn’t just depend on a specialist’s skills and knowledge, but on the system itself. The system is unique and was developed by our very own specialists.

Our offices boast a friendly and creative environment. Each employee enjoys a comfortable workplace and works with a powerful computer. Each employee creates interesting and important things that often require a creative approach. We all love our work! We’ve designed areas where we can relax, play table tennis, use the Xbox, brew a tasty cup of coffee or tea, or just sit around and chat with colleagues. We organize monthly corporate events, including nature trips, mountain walks, sports events, etc.

We’re not your usual IT company. We actually work harder!

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