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Develop a new generation of educational services that will change education worldwide in the best way.
We developed a unique educational service that allows users to study and teach popular professions, select mentors or students, and brush up skills (training activity) and knowledge.
Project information:
Website type: Portal
Services: Concept, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Layout, Programming, QA Testing
Technologies: HTML + CSS, JavaScript (jQuery + Angular JS), PHP (Laravel) + MySQL, MongoDB
Project team: 1 Project Manager, 1 UX/UI Designer, 2 Web Designers, 2 Front-End Developers, 3 PHP Developers, 1 QA Engineer
Description: A new generation of educational services that has no analogs anywhere else. This service allows people to teach other people. A rating system for determining quality professionals, a system for selecting mentors and students, a community for each popular profession, a database of materials for education/training, and the possibility to develop both skills and knowledge. A huge portal with social network elements. We believe and hope that this service will influence the global education system in a positive way.

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