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Hacking Attacks

Since February 21st, 2011, we’ve been constantly attacked by hackers. It all began with the placement of spam about SECL Group: through forums, social networks and special sites; false information is spread about us or on our behalf. The information is quite diversified; its very core is our name being dragged through the mud, discussions being created, virtuals being registered, false debates being held. Probably, these are our competitors’ activities connected with the rapid growth of our company. In all the messages there’re no facts or evidences but only groundless words spoken on behalf of registered virtuals or anonymous authors. We’re ready to disprove any point of accusation by means of facts.

Please pay attention!!! Use the contacts provided ONLY on our official site!

We’re not responsible for the information placed on third-party sites.

Update as of 04.21.2011: a journalistic investigation of the situation was carried out.

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